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Jon Kleven, Monarch Commercial Capital

I created Monarch Commercial Capital as a commercial financing brokerage after working as a banker for several years. I worked with great people at these institutions but my options were very limited. I wanted to offer more and be an advocate for my clients.

While working for banks I recognized that experience was always more favorable for the bank. Often times my clients were unaware of market rates, products and were limited to what my particular bank could offer. At times my bank couldn’t offer what was needed and I had to watch the deal and relationship leave for another institution. The relationships with my clients was one thing I always valued and I wanted to work more as an advocate for them by exploring all options based on their specific and individual situation.

With an underwriter background, I created a brokerage putting our client’s interests first combined with the knowledge of an experienced bank underwriter. This allows us to explore more options as we advocate for each specific situation. With this background and our extensive lender relationships we pride ourselves in the integrity of the offers we are able to provide.

Jon Kleven
Founder of Monarch Commercial Capital