Debt Refinance and Working Capital

Is re-investing into your business through savings taking too much time?

Do you have short term, high interest rate business debt with high payments?

Consider an SBA 7a 10-year term loan from $150,000 to $5,000,000.

If you keep putting off your business expansion until you have enough savings in the bank and realize it is going to take too much time, speed it up with an SBA 7a loan that can provide working capital for your business spread out over a 10-year payback period. These loans can provide needed capital for hiring employees, expanding into a new location, marketing, and a number of other uses.

If your current business loan payments are too high because they are on short terms or carry high interest rates consider consolidating them into a 10-year term SBA 7a loan. This one change can have a large impact in your company’s cash flow without considering any operational changes. The right debt can make all the difference in your ability to expand and save.

A 10-year term SBA 7a loan helps provide low monthly payments and reduces strain on your businesses cashflow. When cashflow is king to your business, the difference between a thriving or struggling business can have a lot to do with the debt your business carries. High-interest rate business debt can pose a great threat to your bottom line. Let Monarch help find a suitable solution to refinancing your debt and reduce the strain that goes with it.