Commercial Business Loans in South Jordan

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Find the perfect funding options for your commercial property or business in South Jordan. We specialize in arranging commercial loans through our network of banks and credit unions. We arrange both conventional and SBA financing and make it easy.

Commercial Real Estate Financing in South Jordan

We work with banks and credit unions to provide financing on all commercial properties located in South Jordan and surrounding communities. Buying properties zoned for commercial use, such as office buildings, land or retail stores  require an expert in commercial real estate lending. We have several options available and will help you find financing that works for you.  We also offer SBA loans if you’re looking into investing your money into something big (like an industrial complex) where someone else would maintain it but not manage day-to-day operations like human resources/office support staff members do now days.

Commercial Real Estate Financing options for South Jordan businesses include: Conventional & SBA Loans, Purchase & Refinance Loans, Owner-occupied & Investment Properties, Conventional Loans up to 75% LTV, SBA Loans up to 90% LTV.

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Business Acquisition Loans in South Jordan

We help entrepreneurs in South Jordan acquire funding for their next great idea with financing that fits. We offer SBA loans ranging from $300,000 to over 5 million dollars and we have relationships nationwide as well as regional lending power all in one place. Understanding what type of loan is best for you and helping navigate through underwriting guidelines will be our utmost priority – don’t worry about any paperwork or approvals because it’s just not worth getting things wrong when working together means better outcomes than ever before.

Picking the right financing can be a big decision. Together with our team, we will explore options and loan terms that are fair and competitive for each individual situation so you feel comfortable throughout this process.

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Franchise Start-Ups in South Jordan

In the world of business there is nothing like joining an established organization. Buying into a franchise in South Jordan, Utah can come with the need for the right type of financing. When you become part of a franchise and team up for success with them by taking on their operations, it can still be challenging. Figuring out where to start can be daunting at first because so many things have already been done before: finding lease space; coming up with a good plan about how much inventory to have,  and hiring needs. No need to worry about the financing aspect. We’ve got you covered through our knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer any financing questions you might have.

Debt Refinance and Working Capital Loans in South Jordan

If you’re not sure how to manage your finances for your South Jordan business, talk to us. At Monarch Commercial Capital, we’ll help you consider consolidating on a 10-year term SBA 7a loan. This one change can have an incredible impact in terms of cash flow without even considering any other operational changes.
The right debt makes all the difference for businesses as they grow and save more money each month – but only if it’s low rate enough where payments will never come close to what they borrow at first (and thus eliminate most worries). So before signing anything else just remember: consolidate now so that if something goes wrong financially later; there’s still plenty left over from last years profit.

Why Choose Monarch Commercial Capital


After a decade of experience in banking, we created this brokerage firm with the knowledge and expertise that comes from an underwriter background. With this combination we are able to provide our clients more options for their specific situation because they can trust us as both experts who know what is best for them individually, plus our lender relationships across South Jordan and around the country.  Working with us means there will always be someone willing take your deal.


We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and the great relationships we get to create with you, the entrepreneurs and hardworking business people of South Jordan that deserve success, growth, and the financial planning support that’s needed in order to make a business flourish. We strive to provide you with a service that exceeds your expectations. If there is anything we can do for you, contact us below.